1. Landscape of Emergency I Deluxe Edition
    Coeur Atomique

  2. Mikropianist
    Horse Torso

  3. Orchestral Embellishments & Leitmotivs
    The Band Of Peace

  4. S/T

  5. Indicates Void Expanded Edition
    Bass Communion

  6. Time Immemorial

  7. Degeneration
    The Band Of Peace

  8. The Army of The 12 Pangolins
    The Band Of Peace

  9. Four Thousand Three Hundred & Seventy Five Days
    The Band Of Peace

    Maggot Breeder

  11. From The Dark
    In Arcadia

  12. Dronework 2019
    Bass Communion

  13. Acid Tests (2010-2016)
    The Band Of Peace

  14. Revisioned Modulations of Synthesizer and Drums
    William Covert

  15. Still First in Space
    The Band Of Peace

  16. Better Things
    Things Amazing

  17. 8 - 1/2 Lives

  18. New Settlement
    The Band Of Peace

  19. Mystralengine

  20. Commonwealth Music
    In Arcadia - The Band Of Peace

  21. Ficeler le Docteur
    CSC Digital Series Vol VIII : Bécyk Fantôme

  22. Zones

  23. TDIII - Tokes, Hatred & Caffeine
    Tumbleweed Dealer

  24. I Made My Sacrifice Accordingly
    They Grieve

  25. Sloth & Turtle
    Sloth & Turtle

  26. Sueño Americano
    CSC Digital Series Vol.V : Quarterly

  27. Behind Darker Clouds E.P.
    CSC Digital Series Volume IV: In Arcadia

  28. Music for Synthesizer and Drums
    William Covert

  29. Pure Core Infection Diagnosis
    CSC Digital Series Volume III : My Gloomy Machine

  30. Passages of The Pacific Northwest
    Heron - Seven Nines And Tens

  31. Feedback Through a Magnifying Glass Volume I

  32. Satisfy The Faction
    Seven Nines and Tens

  33. Guitars
    CSC Digital Series Volume I : Shawn Phase

  34. Ordovician Silurian EP

  35. Split FT90
    The Poison Arrows - My Way My Love

  36. Commuter
    Creta Bourzia

  37. Ashland
    Kevin Hufnagel

  38. The Sounds Of Earth (Voyager I Edition)
    Floating Widget

  39. A Collection Of Great Dance Songs
    The Band of Peace

  40. The Shape of Drones to Come
    The Band Of Peace

  41. Hearts Of Darkness Runs On Bullets
    The Band Of Peace

  42. Prairies
    CSC Digital Series Volume IX: The Band Of Peace

  43. Versailles
    CSC Digital Series Vol VII : The Band Of Peace

  44. I am Old, I am New
    CSC Digital Series Vol VI : The Band Of Peace


Coup sur Coup Records Castlegar, British Columbia

Coup Sur Coup Records is a cassette label based in Castlegar, British Columbia.
We specialize in limited-edition, hand-numbered, coloured-shell tapes and exemplary digital-only releases. Our horizons are boundless.

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